Product Review: The Spatty

I remember hearing about this product a few years ago when it aired on Shark Tank. I thought it was a cool idea and wished I had thought of it but I didn’t run out and buy it. Recently, one of my favorite shades of Beautycounter Beyond Gloss was getting harder to apply but I still could see lots more product in the container. I recalled the Spatty and decided to give it a try!

I purchased the Spatty Beauty Bundle:

So far, I have been able to use the Spatty to get every last drop of my Beautycounter products! I use them in my skincare, for my foundation, concealer and lip glosses! I’m glad that I purchased the bundle because the long cosmetic spatula will fit into any size lotion container!

I was able to use my Creamy Concealer at up to 10 extra applications because of the Spatty!
(NOTE: in order to insert the Spatty, you need to remove the stopper from the bottle)
I’m currently using the 6″ Spatty to get every last drop out of my Skin Twin Foundation! It’s too good to waste!
Our All Bright Vitamin C Serum is quite possibly one my top faves and used daily! The 6″ Spatty helps me get every drop of goodness out of this bottle and makes me so happy!

Ready to start saving money with the Spatty? Guess what? I have a promo code that will save 20%!

Switch to Safer on a Budget

The main concern about switching to safer is that safer products are too expensive. I totally get it because I remember the first time someone told me about Beautycounter, I actually went to the website, decided it was too expensive to try and ordered the cheapest cleanser possible. I’ve done this with other brands as well but as I have continued to try brands and seek safer options for my whole family and my household, here are some lessons I’ve learned….

Consider the product’s longevity

Let’s just say that your current facial cleanser is $15 and it lasts for 4 weeks. You’re spending $3.75/week on your facial cleanser. Now what if you purchase a cleanser for $49 and it lasts for 3 months? You would be spending about $.25 more per week on your cleanser but getting WAY better age-defying results AND you can trust the ingredients’ safety! Your skincare may be more of an initial investment but you definitely get what you pay for!

My Daily Beautycounter Products’ Longevity

Beautycounter Counter+ All Bright C Serum

I use this consistently EVERY MORNING! It takes me at least 4 months to got through an entire bottle!

Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar

I use this every time I shower on my face, pits and body! I can get almost 6 months of use out of this one bar.*

Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer

This concealer is a go-to, every morning product for me and my first tube lasted over 5 months**!

Start Small: One Product at a Time

Whenever I start a conversation with a group or client, I always discuss these two topics:

  1. What is your current daily morning/evening routine like?
  2. What skincare goals would you like to accomplish?

This allows me to evaluate which products that client needs to consider starting with or trying first Some clients are ready for a full, 4-5 step regimen…..others admit that they don’t even wash their face consistently let alone use an eye cream. Wherever you land, my advice is start small. Beautycounter offers a skincare quiz to help pinpoint which regimen would be best for your skin. Once we have an idea, based on skin type and desired results, it’s pretty easy to discuss a game plan on how to work up to a full regimen. Why? There are four steps that everyone needs to consider daily to have the healthiest skin…Cleanse, Prep, Treat & Protect. The goal would be to evaluate if what you’re currently using is both safer & high-performing (are you getting the results you want?) and then decide what to add to your first order!

Look for First Time Client Offers & Other Discounts

Most brands will offer a discount for first time clients, which is always a bonus! You might have to subscribe to an email list but I would totally do that for a discount! I also recommend checking into reward programs….if you’re obsessed with a product, might as well get rewarded for ordering it, right?! Interested in Beautycounter’s offers and Band of Beauty membership? Go HERE to learn more!

More Questions?

Reach out! I’m available to set up one on one or group setting consults! We can text, email, Zoom, in person….I’m available! These are my favorite kinds of conversations because I love finding solutions for people. I also promise to help you adhere to whatever your budget is. The goal isn’t to spend money you don’t have…..use what you have to work towards the skincare results you want without using harmful and questionable ingredients! I believe that any budget can switch to safer products. Your health and well-being is so worth it! You’re worth it! Everyone deserves better!

How to Reach Me:

*Charcoal Bar TIP: place your charcoal bar in the microwave for a few seconds at a time until it is soft enough to gently divide in half with a butter knife. I keep the half I’m using in the shower in a soap holder placed farthest away from the shower head so it doesn’t get too moist.
**I was able to get several extra days out of this tube with the use of the 6″ Spatty for Lip Gloss.

Switch to Safer: Laundry Routine

Before I was introduced to Beautycounter, I was already feeling the urge to switch to safer. The beginning of my journey to finding safer products began in my home: laundry detergent, dish detergent, hand soap, cleaning products, etc. I found a safer company and switched to their products but was overwhelmed with having to place a monthly, auto-ship order. I ended up having to order items I wasn’t out of yet. So even though I loved the company and it was a safer choice, I still had a lot to learn concerning the ingredient “FRAGRANCE”.

Does this fact surprise you? The article linked above goes into more details about a study that showed how volatile organic compounds are emitted from our laundry vents when scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners are used.

That’s ALOT of laundry. Those chemicals used to create that beloved fragrance, may cause hormone disruptions and even contain carcinogens (yuck)! Want to read more about fragrance and why to avoid, I highly recommend taking the time to read what the Environmental Working Group has put together!

Another issue in most products that contain “fragrance” contain phthalates. Phthalates cause problems to your reproductive organs, endocrine system, and infant development (want more info on this?). I don’t know about you, but that is not something that I want to have on my body, in contact with my largest organ (my skin) all day long.

So, how do you ditch the laundry detergent you have come to love dearly for unscented? Well, be careful not to just switch to the unscented version of your current brand. Unscented versions doesn’t equal lack of hazardous ingredients. Many unscented versions of detergent simply contain masking agents that cover up the scent…..ew.

Let’s take a minute to discuss this point….

Everyday truly is a new beginning. Don’t beat yourself up BUT also don’t ignore the facts.

  1. Ditching FRAGRANCE is such an easy switch! You are already buying laundry product for your home so it’s not like you have to come up with extra funds from your budget!
  2. What do you do with your scented products you currently have? Two options: use up and then replace or throw away (or donate unopened products). This is totally up to you…Branch Basics has an opportunity to Toss the Toxins!
  3. How do you find a brand you can trust? I will give you my recommendations purely on my own experience. Please understand that I genuinely LOVE sharing my favorite things which is 99% why I started writing this blog, but I will include links (some of which are affiliate links)! Does an affiliate link mean I was sent free product to test from the company? No, I’m not that cool (yet) so if there is a link to a brand, it may be an affiliate link if the brand has one for bloggers.
  4. So now you’re stuck with unscented clothes? If you really enjoy a fresh laundry scent, I highly recommend using wool dryer balls in your dryer. Store the dryer balls in a glass container with a lid. You can drop your favorite essential oil on the balls (allow time for the oil to be absorbed before putting it in your dryer) or put an empty essential oil bottle in the container with the dryer balls! Or read up on the ingredients of a scented product and watch out for the elusive word “FRAGRANCE”…

What to look for in a brand:

  • Ingredient transparency!
  • Avoid ingredients like: FRAGRANCE, PEGs and Phthalates
  • Watch for green-washing: just because the name appears “organic” or “non-toxic” doesn’t equal safer! Read the label!

My Favorite Brands:

  1. DROPPS: I am a big fan of this company for many reasons but the top two are: ingredient transparency + sustainability!
  2. PURACY: local to Texas, family-owned business! I have quite a few favorites!
    • I LOVE that they offer refill bags so you can keep using your existing bottles/pumps!
    • Their stain remover is the BEST. I’VE. EVER. USED!
    • I also use their hand soap and body soap (again, love the refill bags)!
    • Subscription option available!
    • Get $10 off your first order!

These are the two brands that I have personally tried and currently use! There are others out there! If you have questions about the safety of your current brand, message me! I would love to help you investigate!

I sincerely hope this was helpful for you! Are you still overwhelmed? Please message me, comment or reach out in some way! I would LOVE to help you take the baby steps towards eliminating toxins from your home. It is not as overwhelming when you have someone helping you take one small step at a time because, remember, when you know better, you do better for yourself and those you love!

Switch to Safer Skincare: Where to Start

I will admit, before finding Beautycounter, I was a mama of 3 under the age of 6 and barely surviving. Skincare was the last thing I had time to think about by the time my head was hitting the pillow at night. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t even taking my makeup off at all…
If that is you right now, don’t stress! There IS a way to find skincare that is safer AND works for YOU….your schedule and your budget (without sacrificing high-performance).

  1. Figure out what your budget is (keep in mind most of our products are easily stretched out to last several months).
  2. Take the skincare quiz to find out which Beautycounter regimen is best suited for your skin’s needs (this will help you know what questions to ask yourself about your skin whether you choose Beautycounter or not).
  3. Reach out to me via Instagram DM, email or simply comment on this post if you want help choosing your products based on the skincare quiz.
  4. Always remember that you do not have to jump all in with a regimen, I can help you start with just a cleanser and/or moisturizer….you can work up towards adding more steps! It took me several months before I actually started using an entire skincare regimen.
  5. Beautycounter is my obvious first choice but if you want feedback on other brands, there’s a good chance I’ve tried it or can help you compare….reach out!